Mini & Small Skip Hires

Mini & Small Skip Hires For Your Home &Construction Projects

People have many things to consider when they are working on home and construction projects. They need a mini skip hire or small skip hire that will hold all the rubbish for the job. They can do so in the greenest way possible. Look at what happens when people hire a green waste removal company for rubbish removal in any space.

Mini Skip Hire Options

The mini skip hire that homeowners have chosen will be very small, and it can sit in the lawn while the family tosses things out the out the front door. This is an excellent skip to use for a home cleanup. It can be used in small areas because it is only 2.5X3 meters. This is one of the smallest skips that can be hired when you are determined to clean out their home.

Small Skip Hire Options

The small skip is 4X3 meters, and it will give someone just a little bit more space to get rid of all their rubbish in the house or construction space. Someone who is doing their home renovation or trying to remove rubbish from a primary lawn job would find these bins to be a perfect size. Renting a small or mini skip are cheaper, and they can use the skip for as long as they need or extend their contract when required.

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Benefits of our Mini Skip Bins


Dropoff and Pickup

The dropoff and pickup for the bin are done by the company. Their truck can back up the bin to any location the customer wants. The customers can fill up the skip to the edge. They must be sure to keep the level below the edge because a special cover will go over the skip when it is hauled away. Dropoff and pickup could happen multiple times per day if these smaller units are filled up quickly. If you need to have one sent to multiple locations could make such a request if they have multiple projects going on at the same time.

Low Prices

The mini and small skip is perfect for people who only have so much money to spend on their skip rental. Make sure that they have asked for any promotions that might be active. These small skips are cheap, where you can get a lot more done because they can actually keep renting until they are done with their job.

Do The Skips Look Like Regular Dumpsters?

The skips look like regular dumpsters. They often have lids that the user can close to keep the smell inside. However, the user must remember that all these skips are cleaned inside and out when they are returned. The skips are very safe to use without any problems.

There are many reasons for homeowners to choose a smaller skip, and smaller construction companies can select these skips because they are cheaper and easier to use. The skips provide a place to remove all rubbish in the most economical way possible. The rubbish is taken to a landfill to be dealt with properly. There is no need for the user to drive away their own trash or buy new trash cans.


With a large number of bins in a variety of sizes at the depot, we can usually have the right bin for your project delivered the same working day.

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